Posted by: Madelyn (Starlie) | September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Wow, how fast this first year of Benjamin’s life has flown! It seems just yesterday we were awaiting his arrival, and yet now here he is, already 1 year old! He has been such a delightful baby, always ready to give you his biggest smile. 🙂 He sleeps through the nights well, and is rarely fussy unless he really needs something, i.e. nap, food, clean diaper. He hasn’t started walking yet, but that will come soon! He’s already climbing things, roaming the house whenever he gets the chance, and loves his ‘johnny jump-up’ (the thing he’s in on the last picture). One last little note: Benjamin is at the “tongue stage”….where he’s repeatedly sticking out his tongue! You have to admit, it makes him even more adorable 😉

Along with pictures taken on his birthday (August 23rd), I’ve also included a few from when he was younger. And for more pictures from his his birthday, visit this link: ‘Benjamin Paul’

To view pictures and the story from when he was born, click here: ‘Welcome, Little Benjamin Paul!’
…And the story and video of when we found out Mom was pregnant with him: ‘Our Christmas Blessing’

Wait, don’t stop here!! There’s more pictures! Click the link below! 🙂
‘Benjamin Paul’*Photography credit goes to Mom 🙂 *

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